Mayday! Mayday!


It’s May first, one of the greatest days of the year, all because of a forgotten holiday. May day is the most underrated holiday of the year.  Giving your friends surprise presents is adorable and heartwarming. The trend is dying out though. No one does it anymore, so no tiny surprises on this beautiful day. It doesn’t take much work to make a mayday basket and less to make someone’s day.

This strange holiday used to be known as may basket day, and was a little different.  The baskets were not only made for friends and family’s but also for sweethearts. The basket was hung on an admirer’s door, and once finding the basket, the admirer would have to chase down the basket placer to steal a kiss.  The holiday used to be compared to christmas, and was widely popular around America. The tradition fell off around the 60’s and no one really knows why. Some guess it was because of a new found sense of privacy, a “get off my lawn” type of attitude that affected everyone. Others claim that the youth lost their innocence in the 60’s and basket delivering did not appeal anymore. The holiday is rarely talked about, not many people even know what it is. But it isn’t too late to bring it back.

The many ways you can make a may day basket include using paper to make a cone or a box, getting tupperware, or just ziplock bags. Some cute things to include in a mayday basket include M&M’s, popcorn, flower seeds, cookies, or other baked goods. You can leave them at someone’s desk, locker, car, front door, or just give it to them. This could turn into a group activity, and be a fun way to do something nice for your friends. It is a fun and cute way to make someone’s day, and it could be a good excuse to buy leftover easter candy.


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