May Day madness


Every year on May first, kids load up cups with little knick knacks, drop it on someone’s porch, ring the doorbell, and then run away. This festivity is called May Day. Some may think that May Day is the most pointless thing and shouldn’t be celebrated, but May Day is just an innocent holiday that kids love to participate in. There is nothing wrong with a kid dropping a little goodie basket off on a porch and running away, and if someone is offended by that, they are party poopers.

May Day baskets usually consist of popcorn, M&M’s, pixie sticks, twizzlers, a sucker, and skittles. But the baskets can be made up of anything you want, and people can put a wide variety of things in them. Some people go above and beyond and stack their cups up with stuff like drinks, big candy bars, or bubbles.

May Day is a cute, little, fun holiday that people get free goodies from little kids. The cups show the creativity and the personalities of the kids. Don’t be that mean person that gets mad when someone rings the doorbell, leaves you a goodie basket, and runs away. It’s all fun and games and kids love giving their baskets away to others.


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