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Baylea Bruce @baylea_marie [Staff Writer]

Many are aware of the current drama going on with the One Direction and one of their members, Zayn Malik, leaving the band. This drama hit a new height with talk of Malik signing a solo contract and the release of a demo titled, “I Won’t Mind”. I do listen to some of One Direction’s songs, but am by no means a hard core directioner. When I listened to this song, I felt no sense of loyalty to have to like the song. I was completely unbiased.

The demo was clearly not a finished product. It seemed more like it was recorded on a phone then in an actual recording studio. The song was of poor quality and it was hard to understand Malik at parts. The music in the background almost seemed to drown out Malik at points. It did not seem to be a song fully produced and made to be released.

Right off the bat one can hear that Malik is insanely talented. The vocals are amazing, and are very impressive. However the tone seems to stay the same. It became very repetitive and had the same tones throughout the entire song. It wasn’t anything too ground breaking.

The lyrics were the same as any other love song. Wanting to be together, needing that other person, accepting their flaws, and so on. I will say I wouldn’t expect this style from him. It’s very different to anything that he performed in One Direction. It had an alternative sound to anything else out currently which might be why it appeals to others. If he is truly going solo he definitely is making a sound that would be recognizable to just him.

Overall, I wasn’t really moved by this song. I wasn’t completely blown away or enraged that Malik would even think of releasing it. The vocals were pretty good and the lyrics have the same potential as any other love song, but it didn’t have the quality that would be expected from such a well known singer. Afterall, this is just a demo and might have just been made without the intentions of ever being released. At this point I can’t say Malik will be tearing up the charts or flop and make everyone wonder why he quit such a successful band. We all should wait for a more official track to see what Malik can really do.

The tweet that released the song a few days ago

The tweet that released the song a few days ago


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