Making the most of the February heat wave


The sky’s hue is a bit more blue, the sun’s rays shine a bit brighter, and the temperatures rise a bit higher. With temperatures soaring over the average for this time of year, many people are headed outdoors to soak up the nice weather while it lasts. The surge of nice weather unfortunately won’t be here to stay.

In the meantime, there are many outdoor activities one could engage in to get their sun fix. Some relaxing things to do are reading a book on the patio or taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.

However, if one would like to get some fresh air and raise their heart rate at the same time, they could go for a jog or shoot some hoops.  This is something Hallie Kephart, sophomore, participated in. “I went on two runs. It was beautiful [outside]and I wanted to train for track,” she said.

For the adventurers, consider taking a road trip with the windows down to a trail for a hike or ride bikes. These bikes could range from a simple, recreational bike to a dirt bike. This is what Adam McAllister, junior, spent his weekend doing. “I rode my dirt bike at 600 Acres in Ely and it was really nice out,” he said.

Everyone has varying opinions on the increase in temperature, being both good or bad. “It’s too hot; I can’t wear my winter coat anymore,” McAllister said. However, Kephart thinks otherwise. “It’s nice and I’m tired of winter,” she said.

Whatever opinions one has on the weather, try to make the best of it and enjoy the different seasonal activities.

Adam McAllister, '18, rides a dirt bike with friends at 600 Acres park in Ely, Iowa.

Adam McAllister, ’18, rides a dirt bike with friends at 600 Acres park in Ely, Iowa.


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