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With the last quarter of the year rapidly approaching, visions of summer are dominating many students’ minds. This is the time of year where people start setting personal goals to get healthy. A good, simple way to push towards a healthier lifestyle is fruit infused water, sometimes called detox water.

Drinking water with fruit, vegetables, or herbs has many positives. One of the biggest benefits is that the fruit can make it easier to push those who aren’t huge fans of the bland, normal taste of water, drink more. By adding a person’s favorite fruit to their water, it can make it easier to drink the suggested amount of water a person is supposed to consume in a day.

Not only does the water taste great, but it still has zero calories, so drinking it can help people aimlessly snack less by filling up on water. When one does take a cheat day and fill up on junk food, drinking detox water helps flush the toxins out from the body. It keeps food moving through a person’s body as well. Infused water has many benefits in a person’s everyday life.

This is also the time of the year where people begin pushing themselves to workout more, and detox water can help while doing workouts as well. Drinking water helps keep one’s organs healthy while sweating and helps to keep muscle fatigue under control during an intense routine. The effects last once the workout ends as well because detox water helps the body recuperate afterwards.

Whether one is running, lifting, or simply trying to live healthier, infused water can be a key component. It can improve mood, make the person drinking it less groggy in the afternoon, and has many positive effects on one’s body. There are dozens of recipes online to use for different goals. Water has always been an important factor for health, and infusing fruits, vegetables, and different herbs can make drinking it more enjoyable.


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