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There is a new and upcoming artist in the R&B world for music lovers everywhere. He has such a down to earth sound and is definitely going to start topping the charts soon. Khalid is honestly the voice of this generation and is hitting everyone’s feels. The emotions he puts into his songs are so real and down to earth. His music speaks volumes whether or not your emotions are happy or sad.

Once you’re in the moment of a fresh breakup or splitting from someone the hardest part is trying to sort out your emotions and figure out how you’re feeling exactly. Khalid’s new album “American Teen” is the cure to all of those emotions. Simply listening to a few of his songs can make life have such a more positive outlook on life and can make how you feel about a certain someone change. When someone hurts you or you’re feeling down about life Khalid can lift your spirit up in about .5 seconds.

One of Khalid’s most popular songs is “Location”, this song was one of his breakout songs and puts everyone in the happiest of moods. It’s basically about finding the person you love and running away together.

Another popular jam is “American Teen”, Khalid sings about the American dream and how happy life is. It’s such a chill song and is totally relatable to many people.

Lastly, “Young Dumb & Broke” is another fan fav. It’s extremely relevant to high schooled aged listeners because the song is literally about being young, dumb, and broke high school kids. Which is pretty much true because let’s be honest not many people have their stuff together in high school.

Overall Khalid and his music are a 10/10 and are definitely recommended to pretty much anyone who needs a pick up song or need to shed some feels.

Khalid is a rising star you it’d be best if you become a fan before being considered a bandwagon.

If you’re looking to listen to Khalid’s music all of his songs and albums can be found on most music sources such as Apple Music or Spotify. Khalid is also going to be performing on  May 27th in Des Moines, Iowa.


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