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Nebraska show choir competition is the biggest competition of the season. New Creation and Revelation are going to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend to perform. Though, all of us know the weather has delayed school days, and cut our week short, and activities completely, show choir will travel this weekend regardless.

Show choir director, Jonathon Dyrland said “They might cancel everything, but by then it’ll be too late, we’ll already be on the bus. I obviously want everyone to be safe throughout our trip though.” The two performing groups will leave Friday by 9:30am and stay overnight, previous years they had stayed two nights but this trip will only be one night, two days. Many groups from other states and within the state will gather together and compete, this is known to be the toughest competition of the year.

Mikayla VanWey, sophomore, member of Revelation said “ Our goal is to always be as good as we can be, Revelation would always love to make it to finals, but our main focus is for New Creation to make it into the finals.” Typically each group performs once throughout the weekend, but last year New Creation had been accepted into finals so they had performed twice. Show choir is known to improve their mistakes each competition that passes.

VanWey said “I think we can work on anything within our shows and there are things to improve on, big or little. I think it’s important to be near each other, respecting everyone, as far as respecting our host too.” The bus ride to Lincoln is a five hour long drive, approximately 325 miles. Though, it seems long, the group has fun.

VanWey said “It’s fun to have a five hour long bus ride to be with friends and the people you room with, it’s a bonding experience and a great aspect outside of the bonding we get in town.” As our groups travel this weekend, we wish them luck, safe travels, and hope for good weather.

Revelation is to perform at 8:25 am, and New Creation at 1:30pm on Saturday. The performing groups will find out this Saturday night whether they make finals or not, awards will be announced approximately 5pm.

All photo creds go to Raymund Damaso.



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