Influenza insanity at Marion


Sweeping the halls of Marion High School, a sickness is spreading at an alarming pace. The sickness is influenza, an infection that has affected many students. Danielle Rice, school nurse, informed what influenza is and how to prevent it.

Rice explained what influenza is. “[Influenza is] a sinus infection. It’s highly contagious and very easy to spread.” In essence, it’s an especially powerful strain of the flu. Rice further explained why it’s hitting Marion so hard. “When you have groups of people in small space together, illness spreads easily.”

Rice went on to inform just how to beat influenza. To avoid influenza, she said the following are essential. “Getting the flu shot, washing your hands a lot, eating a good diet and rest, and stay away from sick people.”

Rice further talked about influenza spreading from person to person, and how to stop it in its tracks. “Go to the doctor’s. There’s no medicine to treat [influenza], so wait it out and treat the symptoms. Stay home until you get well so you don’t infect other people.”

Seth Paulson, junior, had to stay home sick and explained what it was like. “I got sick from Wednesday through Friday last week.” Paulson said there weren’t a ton of consequences, expect that he had to miss a significant amount of school. “There was a lot homework to catch up on…I miss time where I could be in class, receiving direct instruction or with friends.” Missing school sounds fun in theory but it really isn’t enjoyable.

Influenza may be spreading, but it is avoidable and beatable. Wash your hands for about twenty seconds as often as you can, and if you feel sick stay home. It’s necessary to keep Marion happy and healthy.


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