Importance of cancer research


May is National Cancer Research month. The American Association for Cancer Research, AACR, teams with advocacy groups, cancer centers, and research institutions to aid in creating awareness for cancer research.

Cancer is one of the many things that plagues many different people and families in the world. It can happen to anyone, from a little child to an elderly adult. There are also various kinds of cancer.

Taiylor Fitch, freshman, thinks it is important that research for cancer is funded. “Eventually there will be a cure,” she said. Her close friend, Taylor Krueger, died of brain cancer a few years ago while she was in sixth grade. She thinks the best way to help cancer funding is by any kind of fundraising.

The AACR provides a source to create a fundraising page and plan a fundraiser. Also, the AACR gives information on ways to fund and different projects they are conducting for cancer research. A blog for the AACR also goes into details on what you can do to help prioritize cancer research in your area. Taking action could lead to saving a life.


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