Homework havoc


Wake up, go to school, go to after school activities, and then come home and do three hours of homework. That’s the daily life of a teenager which would be 100 times better without homework. Most know that it’s a stressful adventure most of the time.

Students get no time to hang out with their friends and families if all they are doing is trying to finish all their homework before midnight. Most kids enjoy hanging with siblings, watching a movie together, and laughing while playing a board game, but nowadays it’s hard to do those things on school nights because of the homework load they get.

If a high school student has an after school club or sport, it can be even harder to manage schoolwork. If you have a sports game or a competition after school that gets over around nine at night, and you have tons of homework to do, the student will just be more tired in your class the next day. For high schoolers these days, school starts at about eight am and ends around ten pm. People can’t even enjoy a work free evening.

Teachers always say that homework is a good way to practice after school. Truly they don’t realize that each kid has about four classes they are trying to balance all at once. Each teacher gives out a certain amount of work without even realizing that their next block is giving out just as much. Adults always say that our generation sits on the couch on our phones, but meanwhile we’re probably sitting on the couch doing three hours of homework.

The more sleep kids get, the less stressed they will be. Hopefully homework will eventually be worked into school hours, so students have more free time. Instead of going to school and coming home to do homework, students will go to school and come home to hang out with family and enjoy their evenings.


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