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As the sickness season starts to come into effect, people have there wide variety of remedies. From cold medicine, Vicks vapor rub, or just hot soup, there are many ways to reduce the feeling of miserableness. One of the best ways to feel better during a time of illness is something that is just at arms grasp: music. Singing, making, and just listening to music can increase the wellness of someone suffering from sickness’ hold. According to Harvard’s school of medicine, music reduces the risk of many things such as stress, bad attitude, and other movement issues.

Being a student or just a working adult is stressful, and when sick, the added stress makes the illness one is suffering much worse. Except, music is one of the best things to reduce that added stress. A study from New York examined that when sick patients listened to music it would reduce their high blood pressure significantly and even make them calmer when going into different surgeries. A reduced amount of stress and high blood pressure is one of the key ways to getting well, and through common listening of music is can be achieved. So when someone is stressing over if they’ll ever get over their cold, they can pop in some headphones and listen to anything from Mozart to Drake.

It’s a common fact somebody’s favorite song makes them feel warm and happy inside, but when sick people feel dreary and miserable. It begs the question, what happens when someone listens to their favorite song when sick? The answer is wellness. Having music on the brain is one of the best ways to keep a good attitude through a cold season. With that, music is also shown to reduce symptoms of depression. Music puts a warm, bubbly feeling in the stomach and it acts like a pain relief for the soul. When the mind and body are in a happier mood the body finds it easier to get better and helps the mind focus.

Music provides a block for the mind and acts as a distraction for many things whether it’s bad thoughts, people around you, and even chronic pain. A 2009 meta-analysis proved that music can cause relaxation of the mind and body, making those aches when sick not as horrible. This only is plausible when choosing genres of music, so a classical song will relax the muscles and up-tempo songs will boost strength and energy. While most students do not worry about mobility, music also helps the coordination of people with movement disabilities. This is from those people listening to music and applying the rhythm to their movements. For an average person, this can just help reduce clumsiness and increase natural coordination.

While music is not going to cure that bad cough or a runny nose it is going to put the body in a better place to get better faster. Music and be used any time of day to be used for physical and mental reasons. Music is there for much more than entertainment purposes, it there to save lives.


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