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Finally, the feelings of spring are in the air. The weather is warmer, the sun seems brighter, and most people are in better moods. Also along with all of the spring fever comes One Day in May.

One Day in May, or ODIM, is a day where the entire school of Marion goes out into the community for a day of volunteering and giving back .

Cayla Attwood, ‘19, is a student leader for ODIM for the first time this year and really enjoyed the experience. “My favorite part is how everyone gets together and helps the community,” Attwood said. Being the leader of a group makes that person even more involved in the entire process and allows the students to have input into where they volunteer.

Each leader picks a location and a group of students to volunteer. “All of the leaders choose a spot to volunteer and coordinate activities that the students can help out with, we also fundraise for all the expenses of the day,” she said. The entire day is mainly student led other than a few teachers who help out.

One Day in May is a very unique way Marion High School gives back to their community for supporting the school district throughout the year. It also shows the students that giving back can be an easy and rewarding experience. “It encourages students at MHS to get involved and volunteer more,” Attwood said.  

So while Spring sets in and One Day in May comes to a close, remember there are so many ways to get involved in the community and give back to those who need it most.



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