Getting pumped up


Each year Marion has a winter spirit week and pep rally, and the cheerleaders help make this happen. During the week, different colors can be worn to support various causes, such as colon cancer, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and suicide prevention. Taylor Arcand, freshman, thinks it’s a great idea to do this. “I think a lot of people are oblivious that those things are going on in the world,” she said

The cheerleaders like to perform at pep rallies. Nihya Henderson, freshman, loves getting up in front of the school to pump them up. “It’s just fun and it shows that we care for our teams,” she said.

At the winter pep rally, the cheerleaders, poms team, New Creation show choir, winter drumline, and pep band perform and get the school fired up. Many people enjoy going to the school’s pep rallies, Ryan Hall, freshman, like them. “They rally me up, I love it when the groups perform because it interests me a lot,” he said.

Pep rallies are a fun way to get the school together and energized for their school.


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