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Sleep. The word that makes people long for their beds throughout the day. The word they think of when people ask them what they want to do after school. The word they think of, but don’t get enough of. It seems like this generation more than others, never gets enough rest, but why? What effect does this have on day to day teenagers? How does this relate to academics?

According to Stanford Medicine, more than 87 percent of high school students in the United States get far less sleep than the recommended eight to ten hours. The amount of time they sleep is decreasing — which is a serious threat to students’ health, safety and academic success. Lack of sleep can cause some serious side effects such as, the inability to concentrate, poor grades, acne, driving accidents, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, and even suicide attempts.

Sleep is vital for a person’s well-being. It’s as important as the air you breathe and the water you drink. Today, adults and teenagers are both becoming more sleep deprived, but it is mostly affecting teens. It is a huge problem especially in high school because students don’t perform at the level they could be performing at.  

So, in order to solve this problem, people need to start making sleep a priority. Doing so will not only boost one’s energy, but it helps keep people healthy and happy. Another thing people can do is make their room the perfect environment for a good night’s rest. Try keeping it cool, quiet, and dark. People can even go as far as getting blackout curtains, which can be found for a decent price on or in any home department store. Also, reducing activity and screen time before bed has positive benefits. Following these steps will help increase one’s rest time and can help anyone be a healthier happier person.


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