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Baylea Bruce @baylea_marie [Staff Writer]

One Direction has a fandom unlike any other. Thousands of Directioners pack stadiums and arenas to hear this group perform. The stadium is soon filled with screaming, singing, dancing, and hopes that the boys will call each person on stage. This is an experience that any true Directioner should take part in. Brett Wheeler, sophomore, will get to have this experience with the help of 2011 Marion graduate Danielle Tiernan.

Tiernan saw the immense amount of support shown for Wheeler on social media and immediately wanted to help. “I saw it all over Facebook. I read the story on Wednesday and I wanted to know how I could help,” explained Tiernan. Every tweet, share, and post is what helped get Wheeler to his dream.

For many parting with tickets to see the most popular boy-band in the world might have been a tough decision, but for Tiernan it wasn’t even a question. “It was really a no brainer. I forgot I had them otherwise I would of given them to him sooner,” expressed Tiernan. Even though Tiernan herself is a huge One Direction fan, she still wanted to give the tickets to Wheeler.

As anyone could guess Wheeler is beyond excited to be going to the concert. Not only are they his favorite band, it is also his first concert. “I’m hoping I get to see them. It would be so awesome” exclaimed Wheeler. Wheeler is already gearing up to be a part of all the excitement that will happen at the concert.

Since Wheeler is already a super-fan he already knows all the words to the songs and is ready to sing along with other fans. “I’m prepared all right. But if they sing “Little Things” I will cry,” he explained. Wheeler also has a plan if he does get to meet his idols. “If I meet them I will ask them if I can join them on stage,” he explained. Many of the attendees at the concert may have the similar dream, but most people would agree that Wheeler deserves it the most.

Through the power of the social media and the kindness of people like Tiernan, Wheeler will finally get to live his dream. If the community continues to show support who knows what all we could accomplish for #GetBrettTo1D.

Brett Wheeler, sophomore, receiving tickets to a One Direction concert from Danielle Tiernan

Brett Wheeler, sophomore, received tickets to a One Direction concert in Chicago from Danielle Tiernan, a 2011 Marion graduate and fellow 1D fan.


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