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Growing up means gaining the tools and skills necessary for adulthood. As kids reach high school and get their driver’s licenses, many choose to get a job. Jobs provide experiences that will help students in the long run, such as learning how to deal with customers, communication skills, and how to be patient with others.

Grace Serfoss, sophomore, babysits over the summer and during her free time. “I like getting to experience the kids’ childhood and it reminds me of mine,” she said. Although she enjoys babysitting, it’s not always glamorous. “[The most challenging part] is making sure they don’t break anything, including the other kids,” Serfoss said.

No matter what job someone works, there’s bound to be a bad experience along the way. “One time, the kid locked out all of his siblings and I out of the house,” said Serfoss. Brandon Tuttle, senior, also had a bad experience while working at Ream Autobody. “I had to go dumpster diving for a check that was misplaced,” Tuttle said.

An added bonus to working is getting a paycheck and this often makes the job worthwhile. “I babysit for money and for a first time job experience,” Serfoss said. Brandon shares the same opinion with Serfoss. “[I work] for the money,” he said. Even though a teenager’s income is slim, it can help pay for gas, food, fun experiences, and future expenses if they choose to save up.

Whether one has been working for years or just starting out, it’s important to realize all the skills they’ll gain that may help them in their future.


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