From the West Coast back to the Midwest


Most people from the midwest couldn’t imagine moving out to California, or trading those sunny days by the ocean for the landlocked Iowa, but for Isis Tate, junior, this is a reality.

Tate moved from Marion to Temecula, California. While leaving the place she had been in for so long, her and her family decided it was best for them to move out to the west coast. “My stepdad had been working for LA County for a while, and the commute of him coming back and forth was annoying to deal with as a family, so we decided it was best to make the move,” she said.

A new state wasn’t the only thing that was different between Iowa and California. “Going to school there was so incredibly different for me because of the amount of people being taught at one time,” Tate said. “There were about 3,800 kids at my school, and although it was a nice sized school, it just wasn’t possible to have the same learning experience I was used to.”

Tate is now finishing out the second half of her junior year at Marion, and had many reasons for deciding to move back. “Being back with my friends is probably the biggest pro, I also moved back because I genuinely like going to school at Marion,” Tate said. “I’m super excited to be back because I missed Marion and my friends immensely.”

Tate is more than happy to have returned to her former high school, but there is one downside. “The only thing I’ll miss in California is my family. I’m incredibly close with my mom and my brothers, so it’s definitely difficult because I miss them so much,” she said.

She’ll push through the pain of missing her family, and is thankful that she has some help. “I’m very grateful for my grandparents and for my friends that are here for me.”


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