Fritz: the fighting champion


As Austin Fritz, freshman, steps onto the mat he hears the crowd roaring and his teammates clapping as loud as an elephant stampede. He squares up and gets ready to face his opponent in this dual.

There are many reasons as to why a person does the sport they love. For Fritz, he said,“I wrestle so I don’t have to rely on my teammates.”

While the varsity team just experienced a win at the Monticello tournament, no team goes without its struggles. This year the hardest thing for Fritz and some of his teammates is keeping their stamina up. Stamina is important in wrestling because the sport makes you use your entire body at once. The motions that occur when moving in a dual work the entire upper body and the legs.

In preparation for their next tournament, the MHS wrestling team has been doing all they can to stay within their weight class. “I’ve been trying to cut weight to get into the class I want to in preparation,” said Fritz.

If there was one thing Fritz says he could improve on, it’s being more disciplined. There are many things a wrestler may do to help them excel in the sport, but having discipline from your coaches and yourself is also important. That discipline is getting extra practice or lifting when all you want to do it watch Netflix on the couch and eat junk food.

Even though there has been a few struggles in the season so far, Fritz is hopeful that they can improve to finish strong.



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