Free and thoughtful last minute gifts


Here are some ideas for some free last minute gifts that are sure to make the recipient happy.


Anything will look cute if you put it in a mason jar, so why not put candy in one? Find out what the favorite candy of the person who’s receiving is and put it in any mason jar you’d like. The mason jars can be found at places like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. For an added touch, get some adorable holiday ribbon from your local craft store and tie it around the top of the jar in a bow.


Here’s another idea to put in a mason jar. This is a diy lip scrub that is easy and affordable to make. There’s a few things you’re going to need for this: two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of olive oil, or any oil you’d like to substitute in, and one teaspoon of honey. There are a few ingredients that are optional, but they take this lip scrub to the next level. Those optional ingredients include food dye and essential oil or extract, which is to scent the scrub. First you’re going to want to start off with the sugar in a bowl, then add the oil you’ve chosen and mix the two together. Once everything is fully combined and smooth add the honey and mix until smooth. After adding the honey you can now color the scrub whatever color you prefer, and scent it with whatever you choose. For a wintery twist, you can add peppermint oil or extract to make it smell like a candy cane. After you’ve added everything you want, you can put it in a small mason jar or any kind of container that you have.


This hot chocolate filled ornament is for the hot chocolate enthusiast in your life. This is a quick and easy way to give someone a gift if the thought of buying gifts slipped your mind. The hollow ornament can be purchased at your local craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Before you start to fill the ornament with your hot chocolate of choice, grab a funnel or make one yourself with a rolled up piece of paper. Once you’ve got that, you can go ahead and pour the hot chocolate in. For an added touch, put marshmallows and Christmas sprinkles in along with the hot chocolate mix. Put the metal lid back on the ornament making sure that it’s secure. This part is optional, but for that holiday touch, you can add a colored ribbon or string.


The last gift you can give if it’s last minute is a coupon book. This is a great gift for a family member, but you can choose to make it for anyone you want. Grab any paper you want, it can be printer paper or card stock, markers to write the coupons. a hole puncher, and string to loop the pages together. From here you can choose to put anything you can think of on the coupons. Some ideas for coupons you could make are: make dinner, do the laundry, walk the dog, and many more things. Once you’ve written your coupons down, punch holes in each page, then loop them together with festive string.


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