Finding the joy in singing and dancing


Moments before the performance starts, Madalyn Lovejoy, sophomore, takes a deep breath before the music begins, calming her nerves and getting ready to sing and dance her heart out.

Lovejoy has been involved in show choir for six years, and is part of Revelation show choir. Revelation recently placed third at the Prairie Premiere show choir competition.

“We went in there expecting to get fourth but it was a really nice shock hearing that we placed third,” Lovejoy said. Lovejoy is also involved in musical theater for speech, band, choir, and is trying out for the spring musical. Lovejoy wants to keep singing and dancing as a part of her life after college but overall isn’t very sure what she wants to do after she graduates.

“I look up to Rachel Wilkey and Brianna Horrach because they are both very good singers, I really look up to all the dance captains as well,” Lovejoy said. Revelation has won prep competitions, but according to Lovejoy the feeling of winning is very cool and makes one feel like all their hard work has paid off.

Lovejoy stepped on stage and danced and sang her heart out, forgetting her nerves and being taken back to the feeling of fun and happiness she felt that first made her want to get involved in the show business.


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