Final year, big expectations


Many are aware of the disease that slowly creeps up then hits all at once: senioritis. Seniors are caught up in either being completely ready to leave or not prepared at all. However, juniors must also adjust to the fact that their final year is going to be upon them, and they also have mixed feelings.

Conner Bailey, junior, knows the emotions that are to come. “Senioritis is going to hit hard,” he said. Underclassmen and juniors see the full effects during the last few days of school when tears are shed and the last tests for the relieved seniors are taken.

As fast as the years have passed, it will be over for the next class before they know it. “I feel like it’ll be quick and painless because I’m graduating early,” said Alex Lovejoy, junior. “It’s going to be the best year ever. I’m going to get out of here, hopefully,” said Grant Brown, junior.

Some are just preparing for graduation itself by getting mentally prepared for classes. “I’m just going to pass my classes,” said Spencer Dede, junior. “I want to get good grades,” said Ryan Carfagna, junior.

Mark Watters, junior, has a different outlook on the changes senior year will bring: there won’t be any. “It’ll be the same as the rest were,” Watters said.

On the opposing side, plenty of people have excitement. “I’m looking forward to making lots of memories with friends and enjoying every last,” said Emma Collins, junior. “It will be fun and interesting,” said Olivia Antonelli, junior.

Sports teams have high goals to make it to State or make a breakthrough appearance with new leaders. “I am predicting Marion Football will have a State Championship,” said Justin Reggelsen, junior.

No matter what is to come, juniors have high expectations for their last year as a Marion student.

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