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These days it seems like all anyone is looking for is that “perfect love” or “perfect relationship”. Everyone wants that special person who can make they happy, buy them gifts, and give them all of their attention. They want someone who is going to reciprocate their feelings and be there for them 25/8. The type of love with complete honesty, no secrets and no lies. If there is a problem between the pair they’d work it out and overcome the problem together.

On paper this whole love thing sounds pretty amazing and fulfilling, but to be honest it’s a load of crap. Love is emotionally draining and in no way perfect. In reality there is always one person who cares more or puts more effort in than the other does. I think the main cause of lack of effort and such in high school relationships is that nobody is fully matured yet. We’re all still figuring out what we want to do with our lives and how we want to live them, which leads to many issues.

For some reason it’s very difficult for teenagers to be honest with their significant other which results in fights and potential breakups. It’s not very hard to communicate what’s going on or what one is doing. It takes maybe thirty seconds to a few minutes to text a message or call your partner and tell them what’s up. Another issue is not being able to talk about about problems and work stuff out. Which is dumb, because if you really care as much as you say you do then shouldn’t you be willing to try and fix issues within the relationship?

Of course there are high schoolers out there who do have that ideal relationship and both treat each other exactly how they should, and I have the utmost respect for those people. But not even close to all relationships are like that. I just don’t think enough people take them seriously. High Schoolers like the idea of a serious relationship but aren’t able to follow through with the effort that’s required. Love just doesn’t live up to the expectations people set for it, which in the end doesn’t really make it worthwhile.

So while you’re in high school focus on yourself and simply do you. One boy or one girl doesn’t define who you are as a person. Just remember you are worth it and whoever doesn’t appreciate you and your worth shouldn’t be worth it to you.


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