Delays: the details behind the decision


Every year winter drags in followed with a below negative wind chill and inches on inches of snow. With all of these harsh winter conditions comes many students wanting two-hour delays and snow days. The question that many ask, though, is how bad does the weather have to be to call these delays and cancellations?

Superintendent, Mr. Chris Dyer, knows that he needs to put the kids, staff, and faculty first. “The primary issue when thinking about calling a delay is safety,” Dyer said. “Going to and from school is the main concern.”

Marion High School has one of the highest amounts of students in the area who walk or bike to school. Dyer thinks it’s very important to make sure no students get frostbite or any serious injuries because of how cold it is outside.

“This morning I was up early, watching the weather very hard,” Dyer said. “I went out driving to make sure it was safe outside and came to the decision that it would be, especially because it was going to get warmer throughout the day.” Dyer puts lots of thought into whether or not he needs to call a delay to make sure it’s the right decision.

Mr. Greg Semler, principal, agrees with Dyer. “Even though I don’t have a lot of say when it comes to the discussion of having a delay or not, I know it’s very important to come to a determination that would make sure the kids are safe,” Semler said.

Dyer knows that he’s not in charge of the weather, but he wants to make sure that the decision is a safe one. “I received lots of thank you’s from parents because we called the two-hour delay last week the night before,” Dyer said. “It was very helpful for them to be able to plan out their days.”

Dyer checks the weather very hard all the time and decides whether the roads and sidewalks are good to walk and drive on. It is a huge concern, especially in the winter time, what decision will be made about having a cancellation or delay.

For the national weather index, they say that with wind chill a good temperature to call a delay would be around -25 or -30 degrees. Dyer usually sticks to the -20 or -25 range, keeping all of the walkers and bikers into consideration.

Whether or not delays or cancellations are called, lots of consideration, time, and energy is put into the final decision to make sure everyone is safe and that is what is most important.


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