Decorating for December


It’s that time of year again. The time where people’s moods seem to brighten as much as the houses that line the streets. Most people tend to get into the spirit of the holidays by putting up trees, lights, and all kinds of decorations. For the MHS band storage room, this has become an annual event.

Luke Kasner, freshman, was involved in the decoration process of the room this year and has jolly things to say about it. Band members have been giving the band hallway a festive look for three years now and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. “It improves the entire moral of the band,” Kasner said.

All of the decorating takes place in one hectic night of hanging lights, eating pizza, and getting into the spirit. Kian Weimer is a senior who also is on the decorating crew and has the same feelings towards the whole event. “It’s a fun experience that brings the whole band together,” Weimer said.

Around ten band members showed up to help this season which made it a little chaotic, but they got the job done in around a total of five hours. Of course some messing around was involved but thats what makes it fun.

Overall the lights and decorations make for a fun experience for those who set up and those who enjoy the view during band practice. As December moves along more and more decorations will pop up so be ready for the mood to brighten as much as the lights.


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