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Tomorrow, there’s going to be a new face at Marion High School. That new face is going to the mayor of Marion, Nick AbouAssaly. AbouAssaly was voted into office two years ago, beginning his term on January 1, 2016. Before AbouAssaly became the mayor for Marion, he partnered with the Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman law firm. And after some time of helping the community in their legal matters, he now helps the community become more exciting and interactive.

But why did AbouAssaly want to be the mayor? There’s one simple answer to this question: his love for Marion. “I want to see it be a place where people can enjoy a great quality of life and achieve their goals,” AbouAssaly said. “I enjoy making a difference in our community, serving the needs of the people and working with many other community leaders to make a positive impact on life here.”

To continue making his hopes and dreams for Marion become a reality, AbouAssaly is going to visit Marion High School tomorrow to talk to the citizens that will make a difference for Marion in the future. “I want to engage with students to hear what’s on their mind, answer their questions about City government and listen to their thoughts and ideas for shaping the future of Marion,” AbouAssaly said. AbouAssaly wants to make sure that students realize they can make a difference. “I want the students to realize that Marion is their city, their opinions, matter and that they have the ability to influence the future of our city,” AbouAssaly said. AbouAssaly cannot wait to get the chance to interact with the community even more than he already does.

There may be one person who is just as excited as AbouAssaly, and that person is none other than the principal, Greg Semler. Semler hopes that the interaction between AbouAssaly and students will foster a better relationship between the community and the school. “I just want this to create a better connection between the students and school as a whole with the community, which kind of feels like it’s not really there right now,” Semler said. “But hopefully the mayor coming in every once in awhile will change that connection so student’s lives inside and outside of school will become even just a little bit more awesome.”

Despite being the mayor for only two years, AbouAssaly has worked hard to connect with the community like he’s knee deep in campaigning for President of the United States. Not only does AbouAssaly plan to continue helping the community as a whole, but he plans on visiting Marion High School on the third Wednesday of every month to get the connection with the teenagers that will go on to make Marion the town that is talked about and admired by many others.



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