Celebrating Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. The battle wasn’t very significant in that war, but the celebration of the win just sort of stuck. Ever since that day, Cinco de Mayo has been a huge holiday and celebration.

In  Puebla, Mexico there are colorful parades filled with traditional dancers and tons of music. They also serve mouth watering meals such as tacos, empanadas, and carne The streets are lined with happy, dancing, people celebrating the holiday.

In the United States Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in many different ways. Some places (typically in the south), there are parades and big huge parties. There are usually specials on food and drinks at Mexican restaurants, and expected waits of an hour or more because everyone goes out for Mexican food to celebrate. There are some people who throw house parties and make authentic Mexican food for their guests to eat.

The Spanish classes are all having big fiestas today in celebration of Cinco de Mayo as well. The students all bring in traditional Mexican dishes that they make at home, and share with the class. Cinco de Mayo is a fun holiday for the students to celebrate because they get a little break from curriculum and get to learn more about Mexico’s history and the history of Cinco de Mayo. “I like how we don’t get homework that day, and we got to learn about the history of the holiday.”  said Brandon Hamilton, sophomore, about celebrating in class. Kayba Laube, freshman, also got to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Spanish class today saying, “It’s fun because we get to play games in class, and eat lots of food.”

Although Cinco de Mayo might not be celebrated everywhere in Mexico, the United States certainly makes up for the lack of celebration there.  


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