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Walking in the doors freshman year, one tries their hardest to figure out their schedules, stay out of people’s way, and adjusting to an entirely new environment. Fast forward four…

Jobs Out of 100 students surveyed, 42% have a job and 52% don't work.

Growing up means gaining the tools and skills necessary for adulthood. As kids reach high school and get their driver’s licenses, many choose to get a job. Jobs provide experiences…

Student Life Celia Daubs, '18, studies for a final.

This week students are studying and taking finals, and that means stress and homework from each class. Students have many different methods to study for finals such as rewriting notes…

Out & About Dawson Schmidt, '17, takes a selfie in the Germany section of EPCOT, Disney.

In the desert of the school year, there’s one final oasis before summer: spring break. Students are allowed a brief solace from the daily grind and escape to relax. However,…

Student Life When asked if dress code is enforced well enough 46% said yes and 54% said no.

School dress code is often a topic that easily gets brushed off, but some students have a strong opinion about it. Most students think that dress code isn’t enforced enough,…

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