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Out & About Dawson Schmidt, '17, takes a selfie in the Germany section of EPCOT, Disney.

In the desert of the school year, there’s one final oasis before summer: spring break. Students are allowed a brief solace from the daily grind and escape to relax. However,…

Student Life When asked if dress code is enforced well enough 46% said yes and 54% said no.

School dress code is often a topic that easily gets brushed off, but some students have a strong opinion about it. Most students think that dress code isn’t enforced enough,…

People Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 1.14.07 PM

Click the link to see Miracle Mason, ’18, Graham Guyer, ’19, and Karlee Walker, ’20 all share their inside take of the PDA that goes on in the hallways of…

People Sydney Nielsen, '19, uses her Android phone during her free time at the end of a science class.

Phones: they’re something we can’t live without. No matter what kind of phone one has, the same information and basic functions are available. However, in the ongoing search for bigger…

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