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Winter Sports Routine shots can come with a lot of pressure in a demanding situation.

A handful of years ago, two little girls in baggy shorts way past their knees stood at the painted-on free throw line of a driveway. “This is for the State…

Winter Sports Bella Sade, '17, goes for a layup at the girl's basketball game.

The time has come. The time where every point counts. The time where stepping up is no longer a choice. The time when the intensity is at an all time…

Winter Sports Mia Laube, junior, thinking about next critical play.

History was made January 26, 2017, as Marion High School’s girls’ team was ranked number one in basketball. The team beat Center Point-Urbana, 63-47, giving them the coveted spot as…

Winter Sports Mark Horcher, '19, takes the ball down the court with Mason Rahe, '19, and defenders trailing.

The boys’ and girls’ basketball teams rarely see each other play during the season, but the annual doubleheader against Washington is on the road tonight, and the teams are ready…

Winter Sports Alyssa Rose, 18' bowling at a meet in November.

Bowling is a sport that many people see more as a hobby or a laid back activity. Many people believe that students go out for bowling just for fun or so…

Sports Austin Fritz, '20, practices a stance during practice

As Austin Fritz, freshman, steps onto the mat he hears the crowd roaring and his teammates clapping as loud as an elephant stampede. He squares up and gets ready to…

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