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Fall Sports The First Beat Cancer Football Game

What started as an English assignment quickly turned into a reality. Mikayla VanWey, ‘21 is the mind behind the first Marion vs. CPU Beat Cancer football game. At a young…

Activities Ribbons at the Iowa City Pride Parade displaying love for the LGBT+ community. Photo by Livvy Draves.

In 73 out of 195 countries being in the LGBT+ is a crime, is even punishable by death in the Middle East. June became our country’s official pride month in…

Developing news Atlanta wide receiver Bug Howard (84) dives over Orlando cornerback Keith Reaser (29) following a catch.

Every fan knows the seasonal rotation of professional sports. In the fall, we watch football, in the winter and early spring, the NBA and basketball takes center stage, and when…

Developing news smoke

What do you do when something advertised to be safer than cigarettes is just as dangerous? E-cigarette usage has increased dramatically over the last six years. According to the Truth…

Developing news Abby Schmidt, sophomore, among others, will walk out at 10:40 am tomorrow to support the victims of the recent school shooting.

On February 14, 17 students in Parkland, Florida were killed due to a school shooting. This day was a day of crying, screaming, yelling, and mourning. Many families were affected…

News IMG-6767

Teachers pets need some new tricks. No not teachers pets as in dogs or cats like one might have been thinking but teachers pets as in those peers who go…

News New Teachers

Name: Miss Katey Anderson Years of Teaching: First year Occupation: Health Associate Other School District(s) I have Worked At: None, but I was a substitute teacher at Marion for the last…

News The retiring teachers and those leaving MHS were honored Sunday, May 28 during the graduation ceremony.

Students give a heartfelt goodbye to the teachers leaving MHS. Video link:

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