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Activities Cappra Svoboda and Madison Berry, both '18, compete in an archery tournament.

With so much hype being put around more commonly known sports like basketball and wrestling, it’s easy to forget that there are other activities that are doing just as amazing…

Activities Calista Dittmer, junior, dancing at the Prairie Premiere Competition last show choir season.

Everybody loves a good road trip, especially when you’re going with people who are fun to be around. Both Marion show choir groups, New Creation and Revelation, are traveling to…

Activities Emma Collins, '18, is being lifted up by her varsity teammates at a home basketball game.

The game begins and the cheers start. She goes through the usual routines of chants, jumps and stunts, although something feels off. She is surrounded by a new team filled…

Activities Revelation performs at Prairie High school in the 2016 season

As the basketball season continues on the show choir season is just getting started. They are kicking off their season with a performance with the jazz band at Marion High…

Activities robotics-piconlineuse

Teams scour the room for competition and make the last minute changes to their robot that could be beneficial, while taking notes of the strong competitors. This is what an…

Activities On Thanksgiving family and friends all gather together to celebrate the holidays and give thanks.

Thanksgiving break is finally here, it might not be the longest break from work and school, but it’s still time off for a special holiday. Thanksgiving is a time to…

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