Author Amery Bruce, Yearbook Executive Editor

Amery has been involved in journalism for three years. She has been a copy editor, Web Executive Editor, and Yearbook Executive Editor. Amery has plans to attend the University of Iowa in the fall.

Body A good and easy way to stay healthier is drinking water infused with fruit, vegetables, or herbs.

With the last quarter of the year rapidly approaching, visions of summer are dominating many students’ minds. This is the time of year where people start setting personal goals to…

Music 100 students tell if they think One Direction will ever return as a group or not.

In December of 2015, boy band fans lost one of the biggest groups. One Direction announced their hiatus, ending a long five years with five albums. They even made a…

People Isis Tate, '18, poses with her mom in front of the ocean with seals in the background.

Most people from the midwest couldn’t imagine moving out to California, or trading those sunny days by the ocean for the landlocked Iowa, but for Isis Tate, junior, this is…

Sports Sophie Willette, '19, and Kayba Laube, '20, discuss tonights game against Central Dewitt.

Click here to view a preview of the Girls Basketball game tonight against Central Dewitt.

Fall Sports The student section cheers on the team at last years state game.

With the state game approaching fast, the volleyball team is working hard to get each integral part of their winning system perfect. The back row is working on perfect passes,…

Student Life Summer is a mere half day away, and Cydney Berry, '18, is beyond ready.

This is it. There is officially one half day left of the school year, and all of the students are free to do what they want. That is, until it…


By: Sophie Willette @selfiesophiee [Staff Writer] Summer is literally  just around the corner and every high school student across the United States is no longer in school mode. They’re in…

Student Life

By: Caitlyn Smith @csmit05 [Staff Writer] The last day of school is always a time that most students look forward to, but for seniors the last day can be filled…

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