Author Hope Faley

Community Jaffer Murphy, sophomore, takes the ball down the court at their Regional Final against Davenport Assumption.

The Marion boys basketball team has not gone to state since 2011, and seven years later, the boys are returning to the Well on March 6th to bring it all on the…

Opinion Thirty out of 40 students said that they do procrastinate on their homework.

Procrastination: almost everyone has done it at one point. Some of us thrive off of those last few minutes before the bell rings to finish up some math homework. However,…

Activities Madalyn Lovejoy, sophomore, sings and dances her heart out at their performance.

Moments before the performance starts, Madalyn Lovejoy, sophomore, takes a deep breath before the music begins, calming her nerves and getting ready to sing and dance her heart out. Lovejoy…