Author Alessandra Sara

Opinion Iowa is ranked number one in the country based on its governmental stats, but it's not number one in fun.

According to USN Iowa is the number one state in the United States. Iowa was also rank #1 in health care access, health care quality, higher education, pre-k through 12 education,…

Opinion With all the discussion after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, arming teachers is now in the spotlight. Photo from: MGN Online

Following the recent tragedy in Florida, arming teachers has been a big topic of discussion in the government. Our president Donald Trump said that we should arm our teachers, during…

People Cappra Svoboda, '18, donates blood during the high school blood drive on Wed., Nov. 8th.

Imagine being a mother or father and receiving a call that your child has been in a horrific accident and needs to go to the hospital. After arriving at the…