Author Madigan Crowley, Activities Copy Editor

Student Life On May 14, 2018, students gave back to their community as part of the annual One Day In May.

Finally, the feelings of spring are in the air. The weather is warmer, the sun seems brighter, and most people are in better moods. Also along with all of the…

Student Life Sierra Cochran, junior, studies for her Chemistry final.

It’s the last quarter of the school year. Each day that goes by seems to take longer and longer, with the anticipation of Summer constantly on the brain. Pretty much…

Opinion School shootings are becoming more common than ever, but is gun control really the solution?

School shootings are a scary thing to think about. The thought that one day students are sitting in class like any other day and then all of a sudden everything…

Entertainment Kian Weimer, senior, pictured far right, and Luke Kasner, freshman, putting the finishing touches on the band room decorations.

It’s that time of year again. The time where people’s moods seem to brighten as much as the houses that line the streets. Most people tend to get into the…

Activities Chloe Mallon, '17, sets up lights for the next scene of the musical.

It’s five minutes until showtime. The crowd is getting settled in, the actors are ready behind the curtain, and the lights are dimmed. When people think of a musical…

Activities Revelation performs at Prairie High school in the 2016 season

As the basketball season continues on the show choir season is just getting started. They are kicking off their season with a performance with the jazz band at Marion High…

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