Author Blair Brooks, Video Editor

My name is Blair Brooks and I am a junior at Marion High School. I am the Video Editor for the Vox Online. My activities and interests include track and field, football, baseball, and world domination. I am a one time Staffer of the Week with many more to come. I am the school record holder in most times being blacklisted in the journalism room. I sit across from JD.

News celebraty-boxing-match-chris-brown-fight-soulja-boy-696x501

Two formerly famous rappers and entertainers all of a sudden got into some hot water between each other. Chris Brown and “Crank Dat” Soulja Boy, hit artists of the 2000s…

Winter Sports Alyssa Rose, 18' bowling at a meet in November.

Bowling is a sport that many people see more as a hobby or a laid back activity. Many people believe that students go out for bowling just for fun or so…


Everyone has had that one nickname they don’t like and people continue to call you by that. That name becomes a brand and what you are known by, some can…