Author Chloe Mallon, Executive Newspaper Editor

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The day everyone dreads- Monday. Waking up thirty minutes before an alarm, grabbing the first clothes one can find, and throwing themselves together before starting a brand new week at…

Body When asked 60% of students listen to music when stressed, 15% sleep, 10% do yoga/mediate and 15% exercise.

Around this time of year, lots of people constantly feel stressed. With school work, starting new activities, and personal things going on, it is hard to find ways to relax…

Entertainment Kaitlyn Askelson, 18', looks at the Netflix's new arrivals.

Every couple of months Netflix releases new movies and t.v. shows. This causes a roar of excitement from all Netflix users who are always trying to find a new, quality…


By: Chloe Mallon @chhhloe17 [Social Media Editor] All superhero movie fans unite because the new Captain America movie came out today and everyone is already ranting all over social media…

Student Life

By: Chloe Mallon @Chhhloe17 [Social Media Editor] Every year Prom rolls around in the Spring, and with Prom comes every girls favorite part: promposals. Whether it’s in an elaborate and…

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