Another return to state


And just like that the competition season is over. The Marion Poms competition squad consisted of seven girls coached by Lori Hall, head coach and Taylor Millis, assistant coach. Last week the team competed their jazz and pom routine at state and they may not have finished how they would have liked, but the memories are something they will never forget.

Autumn Hardman, junior, loved the opportunity to compete at state this year with her teammates. “My favorite thing at state was eating at the Cheesecake Factory with the team, and then going shopping after. Another favorite was watching other teams and just the feeling you get performing,” she said.

Kyra Bruce, senior, a captain, also enjoyed being with her teammates this season. “I love bonding with the team and going out to the Cheesecake Factory during state. I just enjoy being around them and growing into a family. You spend so much time around one another that you basically become sisters” she said.

Although state approached rather quickly according to the girls, they knew they had to work hard. “We practiced a lot. For three hours on Saturdays we would practice and go over it with music over and over again. We would focus on one dance and once we nailed that one we would move to the other dance and do that until we nailed it,” Hardman said.

Bruce has high hopes for the girls next year, but she knows they will need to work on some things. “This year we got new coaches and they didn’t come in until later in the year so next year they’ll start learning and cleaning routines earlier. This year was a learning process for everyone so next year they’ll be more prepared. So with more time to clean routines it’ll be easier to help with the little things. I also hope they receive Division 1 in one or both their routines and maybe even place,” she said.

Although state is a rather exciting time, there are some downfalls due to the preparation for performing. “My least favorite thing about state was we didn’t get much time to watch others perform because getting ready always takes a long time,” Hardman said.

The girls may have wished for a different outcome, but they left it all on the floor and are ready to prepare for whatever next year may hold for them.


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