All in for all-state


Four team members gather together to review their three assigned topics and plan ahead for their performance during a two minute period. The team treks on stage with the bright lights illuminating their faces, and as their heads go down, the audience silences. The team again raises their heads in unison and begins their five minute exhibition. This is what a typical speech competition looks like for a group improv presentation.

Shea Bohland, senior, is part of the group improv team whom recently made all-state, along with junior, Rachel Wilkey, and seniors, Sophie Reider and Bobby Lockhart. All-state is a top notch competition hosting the highest rated teams within the state of Iowa. Being inducted into this competition isn’t easy and has a rigorous reviewing system. “[During a state performance] three judges watch and fill out a ballot with one being the best and four being the worst. Two judges have to give a recommendation to make all state, and we got three division one ratings and were nominated by each judge,” Bohland said.

Bohland has been involved in speech since her freshman year and has enjoyed the process with many laughs along the way. “[The best part of speech is] getting to work with my friends and getting to make people laugh,” she said. “My favorite part of speech is boolin’ with my friends,” said Bobby Lockhart, senior.

While speech can be a fun extracurricular activity for some, it also comes with lots of hard work and dedication. “The worst part of speech is working around everyone’s schedules because we don’t have a set practice time,” Bohland said. There’s also many challenges that members face as they enter the world of speech. “[The hardest parts are] getting started as a freshman and getting the nerve to get up in front of people. In improv, not having a script was kind of nerve wracking at first,” she said.

The team members will perform at all-state in Ames on Saturday, February 17th and are hoping for a great end to their season. “I’m excited to perform one last time professionally,” Lockhart said. “I’m looking forward to putting on the show and going out with a bang,” Bohland said.


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