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Teenagers are always hopping on trends, whether it be on social media or in the form of an app. However, most people didn’t expect the next big thing to blow up would be something people of all ages could enjoy, much less be so simple. Enter Sandbox, the virtual coloring book, free on the app store. Unlike a real coloring book, the catalogue on Sandbox never ends, with new content being added all the time. Sandbox is a game where the player gets to play at their own pace, and there is no winning or losing. With the very simple pages that can take the player ten minutes, or the amazingly complex pages that can take a couple of hours, the options are endless.

In Sandbox, there is a page for everyone. Whether the player is just learning their colors in kindergarten trying to get better at coloring in between the lines, students passing the time during school, or adults improving their motor skills, there is something in Sandbox for most people. Once the player does get done with a page, it doesn’t just get lost into the void. Players can revisit completed pages that are automatically saved and can even see a timelapse of the page being colored. With new content being added all the time, there are pieces of art from every form of media, including video games, TV, movies, or just various pictures of cats and dogs.

While most content is available right from the start, some pages are locked behind a subscription. The subscription is $2.99 a week, $7.99 for a month, and $39.99 for a whole year, however they do allow a seven day free trial. The subscription is mainly for people who want even more content, although it is not required to play. Subscription or not, there is always something to do and with the holidays right around the corner, there are surely appropriately themed pages coming out. Sandbox is a massive sandbox of imagination for all ages to enjoy.


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