A load of bull-y


Why must people be so cruel? How does being different give anyone a reason to bully an individual? Many people who use social media have watched or scrolled pass the heartbreaking video of Keaton Jones. He describes that he was made fun of, bullied, and had milk poured down his head. No one should be treated badly, due to differences they can’t control.

People can try to say that bullying is dying out, and that people don’t bully anymore because “People just don’t do that anymore.”  Except, from this video of this courageous boy anyone can see that bullying is thriving. How is the person who is made fun of almost everyday any different than this? Just because it’s been happening for years and people have known them since 3rd grade, doesn’t make it not bullying. No one should have to get used to bullying that it seems normal.

So many are afraid of talking to someone. They are afraid of sticking up for themselves because if they say one word that bullying and torture will just get worse. Maybe the victim doesn’t have someone to tell. How far has the Golden Rule been pushed away from our society. What happened to Treat other how you want to be treated. The answer is that people just don’t care. Kindness and sincerity has vanished.

People watch and stare. Instead of telling the person bullying that what they’re doing is wrong. So many stand by and watch. They say nothing and let their eyes do their words, but eyes make no sounds. Not only do the victims need courage to stand up and say what’s happening to them, but the bystanders who do nothing need the courage to intervene.

Why must people who bully need one video to realize that being mean and torturous to others is wrong. 77% of students have admitted to being the victim of some type of bullying and only 1 out of every 5 student admits to bullying. Of course not all bullies are going to admit what they do to others; it’s easy to stop and think about their actions. 14% of bullying victims have thoughts of suicide while 7% have attempted. Is it fun to drive someone to not be living anymore? Do bullies think it’s fun to be an indirect murderer? Bullying is not just kids being kids. Bullying is one person, or student traumatizing another individual.

Life is about celebrating difference, not making fun of what makes people special. Everyone is aloud to live their life and live it to the fullest. So before someone thinks about the snarky reply, or the insensitive text think about one’s’ actions and be kind to one another.

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