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Eating healthy has many benefits and can be used towards a healthier lifestyle. Chloe Trca, sophomore, has been eating healthier since the first week of track season her freshman year.

Eating healthier motivates Trca for track season. “I eat healthier so I can do well in sports. It makes me feel better. I know it’s not an excuse and if I eat the right things then my body can do what it should. Plus, you don’t get fat,” she said.

Mrs. Tursi, science teacher, also tries to eat healthy for many reasons. “It feels a lot better. I have more energy & I believe I’ll live a better life if I eat healthy. Plus, it makes me feel good,” she said.

There are many different options for food choices that Trca consumes on a daily basis during the week. “I eat fruits, veggies, low sugar foods, and lots of protein. I eat a lot of protein bars, shakes, and a lot of meats with protein. I don’t eat added sugary foods, but I don’t stay away from carbs because it’s good for running,” she said.

Tursi also consumes many of the foods Trca does. “I eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt, beans, and I’m a vegetarian,” she said.

Although Trca eats healthy during the week, she does also take part in ‘cheat days’. “Every weekend is my cheat day. I eat whatever I want, but not greasy foods. If I want ice cream, then I’m eating ice cream,” she said.

Overall, eating healthier makes Trca feel better. “It’s kept me in better shape and I stay healthy. It’s better for your health. It helps you stay active and it motivates you,” she said.

Trca has her mind set to continue eating healthy. “I don’t miss eating unhealthy because it’s gross and once you start eating healthier you realize all the benefits of it,” she said.

Although people say to choose the fruit over the fast food, a few slurps of the milkshake won’t hurt somebody drastically. However, eating healthier can be a positive step for anybody who wants to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.



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